• Small Mobile Circulating Grain Dryers
  • Small Mobile Circulating Grain Dryers

Mobile Grain Dryers

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Mobile Grain Dryers:


This dryer is mainly composed of drying section, tempering section, cooling section, etc.; it adopts mixed flow drying technology and can conduct one-time or circulated drying with the medium of clean hot air. Grain flows slowly from top to bottom along the channel between angular boxes under the influence of gravity; while the hot air comes into the dryer through the angular box, and then passes through the grain layer, flows to the surrounding air exhaust boxes, turns into exhaust gas, and eventually gets discharged from the air exhaust box. The heating up temperature of grain in the dryer is an alternating process. Thin grain layer, low fan power and low power consumption result in lower cost. The hot-blast stove is composed of the furnace body, the heat exchanger and other components; it takes coal, straw, waste wood, rice husk as its fuel. The heat exchanger is made of heat resistant material, so it has high thermal efficiency and long service life.
■ Mobile grain dryers apply to the drying of high moisture corn, rice, wheat, soybean, rapeseed and other grains and oil crops.
■ Depending on the moisture of the materials to be dried, it can use one-time drying process to comduct one-time drying, or use circulated drying process to conduct multi-time drying.
■ With mixed flow drying process, the grain is evenly heated and tends to have a good quality after drying.
■ It takes coals, straw, woods, rice husks and other things as fuel. The air will be clean with heat exchanger to make sure pollution-free for grain.
■ It’s easy to operate with its simple device structure and small volume.
■ Because of mobile structure, it is easy to deliver, change workplace and suitable for multi-site operation. Also it can be changed to a fixed structure according to requirements of users.
■ In the mobile structure of mobile grain dryers, the lift of tower is utilized as hydraulic lift, which can take more stability and convenience.

Mobile Grain Dryers characteristics:

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