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Disc Plate Dryer:


GBG series disc plate dryer is a new typeof drying equipment introduced and developed by our company on the basis of absorbing domestic similar products; it uses saturated steam as the heat source; the saturated steam passes through the heat exchange tube wall and the board surface of heat exchange tube sheet and transfers to the materials to be dried outside the tube wall to dry materials.
Tube sheet dryer has a wide range ofapplication and good adaptability towards materials; it's widely used in the drying work of meat processing, feed, brewing and other industries, such as the drying and processing of chicken bone meal, duck bone mill, meat and bone mill, vinasse, brewer’s grains and other materials.
The new heat exchange sheet has been granted with national patent (Patent No.:ZL 2010 20264761.5).
■It has good self-cleaning effect and strong adaptability, and it can dry materials of great stickiness and humidity.
■ Continuous producing, small energy consumption and strong drying strength. Especially it is suitable for assembly line work.
■ The heat source is in indirect contact with the material and has no pollution to the material.
■ Using independently-designed heat exchange tube sheet, and the probability of leakage is small; It is easy to maintain and good in heat exchange effect.

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