• Water Film Desulphurization Dust Collector

Water Film Desulphurization Dust Collector

  • Outflow tank pressure2~5mmH2O
  • Shell resistance70~120mmH2O
  • Moisture ratio0.12kg/m3
  • Treated smoke<80㎎/m³
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Water Film Desulphurization Dust Collector:

Water film desulphurization dust collector is most suitable for the desulphurization dust collecting of coal-fired boiler. Due to the sulfides in the coal, it will produce harmful gas such as sulfur dioxide in the process of combustion. The unprocessed soot and gas mixed with SO2 will pollute the material. The working principle of this machine is, when the air containing dust goes through the entrance into the tube, water is filled into the cylinder per the upper water-filling trough, forming a layer of water membrane by the whole inside of the cylinder, the air has a friction with the water membrane all the time due to the centrifugal force, therefore the air is wetted by the water membrane, The dust articles dropping to the bottom of the cylinder together with the current of water and drained from the overflowing hole. The bottom of the cylinder is sealed with a water trough to prevent the air from leaking out. The water in the process flows into the precipitating tank to precipitate for recycling. And the cleaned air goes up out through the upper awl-shaped part. Thus the purpose of dust removing is reached.
1.Low metal consumption, low cost;
2.Low water consumption of the precipitating tank;
3.Collecting efficiency ≥98%;
4.Desulphurization efficiency≥85%;
5.Stable performance, easy operation;
6.Automatic continuous operating.
Specification and Technical Parameters

Water Film Desulphurization Dust Collector characteristics:

Outflow tank pressure


Shell resistance


Moisture ratio


Treated smoke


Gas temperature after dedusting


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