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Vertical Fermenter

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Vertical Fermenter:

The vertical fermenter is a type of large-scale continuous mechanized complete fermentation equipment researched and developed based on the requirements of the fermentation industry. It consists of the hoisting device, the feeding device, the fermentation tank, the discharging device, the thermometer display device, the ventilating heating device, the ventilating refrigeration device, the heating system, the electric control system, etc.. It is perfectly suitable for the fermentating materials with high moisture and high viscosity, such as citrus pulp, pomace, etc.. It fills the blank of automatic continuous complete equipment for processing this kind of material in Chinese fermentation industry.
♦ Use vertical fermentation tank, saving working space.
♦ The capacity of the tank is large, with single tank maximum capacity of 400m3.
♦ Availability in both continuous and intermittent fermentation.
♦ Adopt effective anti-corrosion measures in the places where the fermenter contacts with the materials to guarantee the service life of the equipment.
♦ Unique tank design to fully prevent the material from adhering to the wall or forming arch.
♦ The specific discharging devices guarantee all the material in the fermentation tank to fall evenly in the discharging process.
♦ Continuous adjustment to the discharging amount to meet different fermentation needs.
♦  Multipoint automatic on-line monitoring and displaying of the materials in the fermenter to make an easy access to the fermentation information in time.
♦ Perfect ventilating heating and ventilating cooling devices to guarantee the quality of the fermentated materials.
♦ Flexible technical design, making both parallel tank fermentation and series tank fermentation available.
♦ Centralized control to the whole electrical appliance, having a high degree of automation; easy operation.

Vertical Fermenter characteristics:


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