• Spray Granulation Production Line

Spray Granulation Production Line

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Spray Granulation Production Line:


Spray granulation production line for Monosodium Glutamate and Alcohol Raffinate is mainly consisted of the heating and hot air system, the spray granulation dehydrator, the granule size grading and breaking process section, the granule cooling process section, the revert process section, the weighting and packing process section of the finished products, the materials handling system, the measuring and packaging system of the finished products, the tail gas disposal system the air compression system, the raffinate piping and conveying system, the electric control system and the steel structure parts. This production line processes the concentrated monosodium glutamate and alcohol raffinate into granular complex fertilizer through the technical process of spray granulation and dehydration.

Integrating the spraying, granulation and dehydration process, it is ideal equipment to process monosodium glutamate and alcohol raffinate.
Having the huge processing capacity, reaching more than 10m3/h of a single one.
The whole system works in a negative pressure environment without any dust escape, ensuring a good working environment.
The perfect tail gas disposal system has the function of dust-removing and deodorization, guaranteeing the disposal reaching required standards.
Centralized control to the electrical appliance, making a high degree of automation.

Spray Granulation Production Line characteristics:


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