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Gas Furnace

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Gas Furnace:

Gas furnace uses natural gas or biogas as its fuel, forming hot air by means of direct combustion, then the hot air will be sent into the interior of the dryer to directly heat, dry or bake the material. The gas consumption of gas furnace is approximately half less than the indirect heater. Compared with coal-fired hot air furnace, the combustion will be more sufficient, while cost much lower, and no effect is on the quality of the material.
Gas furnace is most suitable for grain dryer, corn seed dryer, rice dryer, and rapeseed dryer, or the drying of other grain such as wheat, sorghum, corncob, and sweat potato etc..
1.Take natural gas and biogas as fuel, and supply various drying machines with hot air.
2.Easy, safe and stable operation.
3.Simple mechanism, low cost.
4.Sufficient combustion, high thermal efficiency.
Heat supply capacity: 2.5×106—40×106Kj/H

Gas Furnace characteristics:

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