• Direct Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace
  • Direct Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace

Direct Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace

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Direct Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace:


JLG series direct coal-fired hot air furnace takes coal or bio-fuel as fuel. Hot air produced by burning coal, after hi- temp purifying, is sent into the interior of the dryer via air supply pipe, and then directly heat, dry and bake the material. What’s more, it can be used as biomass hot air furnace according to the real conditions.
Hot air furnace uses mechanical chain grate, mechanical coal feeder, mechanical cinder conveyor, with characteristics of wide adaptability in various coals, high heat efficiency etc..
Its deduster utilizes gravity setting chamber, with advantages like low resistance, long service life and so on. The fitted shell-and-tube exchanger is of reasonable structure, easy operation, good reliability.
JLG-III series hot air furnace is one of the main products of our company, matching with various dryers.
Range of application
The direct hot air furnace is suitable for such industries as feedstuff, fertilizer, chemical, and building material etc. providing hot air for various dryers.
1.Simple mechanism, low investment.
2.High combustion efficiency; thermal efficiency is more than 95%.
3.Stable running, easy operation.
4.Wide adaptability in various coals; also take rice husk and straw as fuel to sufficiently save the operating cost. 

Direct Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace characteristics:


Heat supply: 2.5×106~40×106KJ/H(60~960 ten thousand Kcal/h)
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