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Tube Bundle Dryer:

The rotary tube bundle dryer is a specially type of tube bundle dryer, which is our company designed  (has been granted with national patent, Patent No.: ZL 2008 20070832.0). It is a piece of mechanical equipment that dries materials with the heat transferred towards the materials to be dried outside the tube wall when the steam passes through heat exchange tube wall under the help of thermal conduction and thermal radiation theory. It’s widely usedin chemical industry, light industry, food, grain,feed and other industries, such as the drying of distiller’sgrains, pig hair, bone meal, inorganic minerals, corn fiber, germ, protein powder, bran, corn grains, soybean dregs, fish and shrimp scraps, rapeseed (not for seed use)and other materials.

Tube Bundle Dryer characteristics:

■ It’s a low-carbon, environment-friendly and energy-saving product and its energy consumption is about 65%of that ofthe traditional tube bundle dryer.
■ During the rotatingprocess, the rotary tu be bundlestirsmaterials within the roller up and down, and there are no deadends when turning and mixing material.
■ Since the heat exchange tube is not subject to too much tor que when the roller is rotating, the probability of leakage of the heat ex change tubeisreducedandthe servicelifeof theequipmentis greatly improved; what’s more, it also allows starting with materials,thus is easy to use and maintain. 
■ It increases theindirectheatexchangearea, and the whole roller shell is involved in theheatexchangewhentherollerisin operation,which is more conducive to materials drying and enhances the drying effect.

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