• Grass pellet production line

Grass pellet production line

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Grass pellet production line:

Grass pellet production line

1. Introduction
Grass pellet production line is a completed and automatic production line to produce grass or straw pellets takes one stop services to customers.
Along with the intensification of global warming and acid rain. The law of major industrial countries for environmental protection are more and more strict. The demand of bio-mass fuel is increasing remarkable. However, difficulty of storage and transportation is restricting the widespread use of biomass fuels. In this situation, the pellet bio-mass fuel is more and more popular, such as dried woods pellets, grass pellets and straw pellets. Wangu grass pellets production line with stable working to benefit customers, and take our responsibility to the earth.
2.Scope of application
Application of materials: Bana grass, elephant grass, giant king grass, pennisetum, pennisetum hydridum, rice straw, wheat straw, corn straw etc. 
Application of fuels: Coals, bio-mass fuel, patrol, diesel, natural gas and bio-gas fuel.
3.Working process:
Chopping ------ Drying ----- Crushing ------ Pelleting ------ Cooling ------ Packing ------ OR Selecting ------ Return to process
· First of all, raw grass or straw will be chopped by straw cutter.
·After cutting, pieces grasses or straws will be automatically deliver to rotary dryer for drying to 15-16% moisture.
·Then dried materials will be crushed by hammer mill.
·Then pelleting machine will make pellets as required diameter and length.
·After that the cooling section will decease the moisture of materials to about 13%, which is the safe storing moisture.
·Finally, pelleting will be packed in bags. However if some pellets is not meeting requirement, they will be selected and return to the production line.

Grass pellet production line characteristics:

· Single outdoor use, weather proof. 
· Constantly, stable, easy operating, small footprint.
· Suitable to various materials. 
· Heat recycling, lower cost of energy. 
· Grain drying complete, evenness, dry grains can storage directly.
· Quality after drying is pretty good, no pollution.

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