• Fruit Residue Dryers
  • Fruit Residue Dryers
  • Fruit Residue Dryers
  • Fruit Residue Dryers

Fruit Residue Dryers

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Fruit Residue Dryers:

Fruit residue drying equipment was developed by our company through years of research and development. An innovative large capacity drying equipment in China. The whole system consists of coal fired furnace, loading and unloading equipment, rotary dyer and dust filter etc. Technical problems such as high initial moisture content, sticky physical properties of the raw material have been successfully solved by adopting of a series of unique techniques, resulting in an efficient drying.
The system is suitable for drying residues discharged from fruit processing such as apple, pineapple and orange processing.

Fruit Residue Dryers characteristics:

■ Big moisture reduction, residues with an initial moisture content of 82% can be dried down to less than 13%.
■ High capacity, daily drying capacity of residues is between 80t~500t
■ Stable operation under high temperature conditions.
■ Automatic control, easy operation.
■ Pellet fruit residue feedstuff can be produced through grinding, mixing, pelleting and packing following the drying process. 

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