• Enteromorpha Prolifera Dryers
  • Enteromorpha Prolifera Dryers

Enteromorpha Prolifera Dryers

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Enteromorpha Prolifera Dryers:


The cylinder drying line of enteromorpha prolifera is a complete large and continuous cylinder drying equipment of enteromorpha prolifera launched first by our company over several years' research and development. The whole production line is composed of hot blast stove, beating crusher of enteromorpha prolifera, feeding and discharging equipment, cylinder dryer, desulphurization and dust-removing equipment, electric control system, and screening and packaging system of finished products, etc. In consideration of the high moisture level, long and easy to wind, various impurities and other features of the enteromorpha prolifera, this equipment uses a series of unique advanced technology and process, which solves various technical problems during the drying process of enteromorpha prolifera and achieves good drying effect.
The beating crusher of enteromorpha prolifera used in this equipment is specially developed and manufactured according to the crushing features of enteromorpha prolifera and has obtained the national patent.
■ The drying rate is great. The enteromorpha prolifera with more than 90% moisture level can be dried to the value below safe-moisture level.
■ Large handling capacity. One set of Enteromorpha prolifera dryers
can handle 100~400 tons of enteromorpha prolifera every day.
■ The equipment is stable in high temperature.
■ Electric centralized control, high automation degree and easy to operate.

Enteromorpha Prolifera Dryers characteristics:

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