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Cassava Dryers:


Storehouse cassava dryer is a kind of large drying equipment specially used to dry tuber crop. The process is to clean and slice the fresh cassava and then put them into the dryer.
The machine is mainly composed of heating system, feeding system, cleaning system, cassava chopper, conveyor system, storehouse for drying and electric control system, etc. The body of dryer includes multiple individual storehouses for drying and each one is independent as a system. One individual storehouse can be used for drying or used together with other storehouses for drying.
The cassava dryer system can be designed to one-time drying process or second-time drying process. Select the process according to the initial moisture level and users' requirements. The storehouse for drying can be built with concrete or steel structure to meet the needs of different users.
■ Low-temperature drying technology is used to ensure the quality of dried product.
■ Rotary material bed design, easy to discharge and saving both the time and effort.
■ Hot-blast direction adjustable, drying time shortened, productivity increased and energy consumption reduced.
■ High degree of automation and low labor intensity.
■ Process design is flexible and the overall layout is reasonable.
■ The specially designed cassava chopper and the rotary material bed have obtained the national patent.

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